Six Figure Mentors Review

Thinking of trying this training system? Our Six Figure Mentors review has been designed to help you make a more informed choice.

Six Figure Mentors review

In our Six Figure Mentors review, we’ll answer some common questions, including:

  • What is Six Figure Mentors?
  • How does Six Figure Mentors work?
  • How much money can you make with Six Figure Mentors?

We’ll share a brief history of the company/opportunity and introduce you to its founders. We will also tell you what other people have to say about this opportunity in this Six Figure Mentors review.

What is Six Figure Mentors?

Six Figure Mentors (SFM) is an online training, mentoring and support system for Web entrepreneurs. Its makers describe it as:

A digital business system for the need-to-know marketing education, world-class products, cutting-edge tools and helpful support to get yourself on track with making money online and building a life you love.”

To break it down into layman’s terms, it was created to help ordinary people make money online. Anyone who takes the basic course, in theory, should be able to walk away with the tools and knowledge to build an online business.

This is a very basic overview. Later in this Six Figure Mentors review we will discuss SFM in more detail. This includes a look at its four levels of membership and which, if any, might be your best option.

History of Six Figure Mentors

Six Figure Mentors scam

Six Figure Mentors was co-founded by Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek in 2010. The two were complete strangers prior to this partnership.

Who is Stuart Ross?

Ross was born and raised in England. He dropped out of college to become an estate agent (the British equivalent of a real estate agent).

Ross had a knack for selling and for business in general. He was successful in his work. However, he was so busy making his money that he didn’t have to time to actually enjoy it.

Ross Started A Franchise

So after several years, he quit his job and bought a franchise. He hoped this would be the solution to freedom from an employer and a never-ending work schedule.

It didn’t take long for him to realize that business ownership came with other problems that were just as rigorous. Plus, his income was unpredictable.

He soon got out of his business and went back to his old job. Still unhappy with how enslaved he felt to a boss and a job, he searched for some other alternative.

Through trial-and-error as well as forming a solid relationship with a mentor, Ross finally learned how to achieve the freedom he craved. He learned how to make passive income online as an affiliate marketer.

Eventually he stumbled across another entrepreneur, Jay Kubassek. Ross was watching a YouTube video produced by Kubassek and was intrigued by what he saw.

Who is Jay Kubassek?

Kubassek grew up in a commune. He was homeschooled and never went past the 8th grade.

When he left the commune he was 24 years old. He had no money, education or job skills. He couldn’t even rent an apartment because he had no credit history.

Eventually he obtained a job in a garage. He felt unfulfilled, and he was still broke.

He subsequently tried his hand at some online businesses. They failed.

Kubassek Taught Himself Digital Marketing

However, instead of letting his failures stop him, he made up his mind to learn from them. He taught himself digital marketing while still working at the auto shop.

Within a few years, he was able to turn his luck around. He found success online and went on to mentor others to do what he did.

He also had an avid interest in film-making. His company, Aliquot Films has produced three major films.

Kubassek also produces inspirational business videos for YouTube. It was one of his YouTube videos that brought him and Ross together.

Ross Meets Kubassek- A Partnership is Born

Ross contacted Kubassek after viewing his YouTube video. The two met and began forming an idea for a new kind of business, a way to educate as well as mentor others who wanted to learn to become online entrepreneurs.

The two developed and launched Six Figure Mentors in 2010.

How Does Six Figure Mentors Work?

SFM is a little bit different than the average “how to make money online” course. One of Ross’ and Kubassek’s core values was to provide not just instruction but also mentorship. This value is woven throughout SFM.

That being said, SFM describes itself as:

A marketing system and training platform that prepares you for every aspect of online entrepreneurship from laying a solid foundation to gaining financial security and growth. SFM delivers world-class content taught by top business leaders to thousands of students around the globe. As a member of SFM you will follow step by step training to learn how to market on the internet.”

It goes on to say that SFM targets two types of potential members:

  1. Those who already have an online business. For those for whom this is true, SFM claims that its program will “boost your existing marketing strategy and sales efforts.”
  2. Those who are new to affiliate marketing, or those who are looking for looking for new affiliate opportunities. For this type of entrepreneur, SFM provides “one of the most easy-to-follow affiliate marketing opportunities in the world for those who have never tried an online business venture.”

How Much Does Six Figure Mentors Cost?

SFM does not charge a straight tuition fee, as with most other online business training programs. This is because it considers itself more than a “training program” (although it claims to offer training, too).

Remember, SFM’s founders value mentorship, so mentorship is a big part of the program. There are also other things you can get with your membership, including:

  • Access to exclusive live events, webinars, etc.
  • Website and marketing tools
  • Membership in and access to SFM’s “exclusive private community”

There are four levels of membership:

  1. SFM Free Account: Free
  2. Student Access: One time fee of $29.95 at the time of this writing
  3. Essential Membership: $297 for enrollment and $97 per month at the time of this writing
  4. Elite Membership: Add-on to Essential Membership, $2500 per year at the time of this writing

How Much Can I Make With Six Figure Mentors?

The SFM website has a disclaimer on its home page. It states:

Individual results will vary and income success is not guaranteed. Our goal is to give you the online tools and education to help kick start your business, but the effort you put in is what will make or break your success levels. While our business system is proven by the genuine achievements of SFM members, this does not mean you will get the same results. There are those who will not earn any money at all with our program, because it all depends on your determination, hard work and ability to follow directions. As an entrepreneur, the understanding needs to be in place that you will take full responsibility for your business.”

The rest of the SFM website is rife with success stories. You’ll find hints of six-figure incomes made by SFM followers. (Hence the name “Six Figure Mentors.”)

Of course, that doesn’t mean everyone, or even most people, make six figure incomes. Many probably make far less than that. (More on that in the section of our Six Figure Mentors review entitled “Our Verdict on Six Figure Mentors.”)

What Other People are Saying About Six Figure Mentors

For our Six Figure Mentors review (as with all of our opportunity review posts), we checked to see what others are saying about their own experiences with the company.

We were unable to find any reviews (positive or negative) on many of the sites that we frequently do research with.

As of the date of publishing, we found no Six Figure Mentors review posts on:


We also checked those sites for the search terms “Digital Experts Academy” and “Digital Business System.” (Both are entities associated with SFM, Kubassek and Ross.) We found no posts on these either.

Initially, the fact that that there were no Six Figure Mentors review posts seemed like a good thing.

This is because people are more likely to post a negative review than a positive one on any opportunity or product. If there are no Six Figure Mentor review posts, maybe there aren’t any unhappy SFM customers.

Then we checked with independent reviewers. What many of them said gave us pause to reconsider whether SFM is a worthwhile opportunity.

We read a number of these Six Figure Mentor review posts, including:


These (and numerous other) independent Six Figure Mentors review posts we read were mainly negative. We pulled several common themes (problems) regarding SFM from them.

They include:

  • Continual pressure from SFM staff to pay more money. No matter what level of membership you purchase to begin with, SFM staff members urge you to spend more money. They claim that these additional fees or purchases will get you a better Website, better learning tools, more mentoring, greater exposure for your business, etc.
  • Vague references to what you will actually get for the membership fee that you pay. After you pay, you may find out that you aren’t getting one or more things you thought you would. (Then comes the upsell and pressure to spend more money.)
  • Getting the runaround from staff (either by phone or email) when you have a problem, a complaint or want a refund.

Some independent reviewers even referred to SFM as a MLM (multi-level marketing) scam. They claim you won’t make money unless you bring new members into the group.

Our Experience With Six Figure Mentors

To be completely honest, we were initially baffled by Six Figure Mentors. To start, we had a hard time determining what, exactly, Six Figure Mentors really is.

We had to agree with the independent reviewers who felt that SFM was too vague with its promises. It didn’t promise to ensure a six-figure income for all members (as we saw with its disclaimer). We appreciated that honesty up-front.

However, it didn’t really promise anything else concrete.

  • Do you get to take any actual training if you choose the cheapest membership packages?
  • How much access do you get to your personal mentor with your membership fee?
  • Is SFM selling a lifestyle or an actual, physical product?
  • Will I be pressured to recruit new SFM members?
  • What is the “Digital Business System” that SFM keeps referring to?

There were a lot of references to concepts like achieving success and living a lifestyle of freedom. However, we struggled to find any real, concrete information about what product(s) SFM is actually selling to consumers.

About the only things that were clear to us were:

  • There is a cost involved in joining SFM.
  • The cost is dependent upon the “level” of “membership” that you select.
  • There are four levels of membership (SFM Free, Student Access, Essential Membership and Elite Membership).
  • You are granted access to SFM’s material, training and services based on the level that you choose.
  • The more you pay, the more you get.

Our Verdict on Six Figure Mentors

To summarize our Six Figure Mentors review, we feel that the SFM is too ambiguous regarding what it offers for what you pay. The highest level of membership costs, in our opinion, way too much money, especially considering they are so vague in what you actually get for that money.

True, if you are curious, you could opt for one of the cheaper (or free) memberships. If you do, though, you may get a sales pitch from SFM staff to pay more money. If what you get in the cheaper memberships is good, you may want to upgrade but just know this could happen.

They do offer a 30 day money back guarantee so that’s a good thing and eliminates any risk.

Is Six Figure Mentors legitimate?

We would stop short of saying that SFM is a scam. We DO NOT believe this opportunity is a scam. It appears that users have made legitimate money after joining SFM.

However, we must also assume that many users make little or no money after purchasing a membership from SFM. (This is not uncommon in most programs. The vast majority of people rarely make money with any program because they never take action.)

The real issue is that we read too many reviews stating that the only way to actually make money using SFM’s “system” is to recruit others to SFM membership. Now we are not entirely sure this is true but we are just reporting what several other reviewers stated.

For this reason, and because of our own experience with the company, we cannot recommend Six Figure Mentors at this time. This may change as we get more information in the future.


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