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Get an in-depth look into the Proven Amazon Course, a Jim Cockrum Course. This Proven Amazon Course Review is by far the most complete and unbiased review you will find on this program.


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Jim Cockrum is a popular business author, blogger, and speaker. Cockrum made his mark in the business world as a successful internet entrepreneur. He is known and respected as one of the most successful sellers on and is considered an Amazon-selling expert. He also sells in other online marketplaces, including eBay.

Cockrum is the host of Silent Sales Machine Radio, a podcast that he launched in 2016. (The Jim Cockrum podcast can be found at

Cockrum was able to build an audience based upon the success of his books. His most successful book to date has been “Silent Sales Machine: Your Comprehensive Proven Guide to Multiple Streams of Online Income,” which was first published in 2002 and has been updated nine times since then.

The most recent version, “Silent Sales Machine 10.0” was released in Fall 2017.) “Free Marketing 101: Low and No-Cost Ways to Grow Your Business Online and Off,” was published in 2011, followed by “Ten Years, Ten Lessons” in 2013.

Little is known about Cockrum’s life before becoming a millionaire. Cockrum has done a masterful job of controlling his public image. It extremely difficult to find any information on the Web about Cockrum’s personal life, past or education before becoming an Internet sales mogul.

Cockrum currently works with two business partners whom he credits as integral in his own success story, but Cockrum is the only partner who has become a high-profile public figure.


Proven Amazon Course is a comprehensive training course on how to sell products of any type on Amazon.

The course covers every aspect, starting with the technical aspects such as how Amazon selling works, how and where to source products to sell (no matter where you live in the world), how to get started, how to ship your product to customers, how to accept payments and provide refunds, etc.

The course also teaches students how to market their products, how to advertise and drive traffic to their Amazon shop, how to automate the entire process and more. The course includes a number of high-value bonuses


The Proven Amazon Course (sometimes referred to as “PAC”) touts itself as “the most comprehensive, creative and up to date ‘selling on Amazon’ course in the world supported by the largest team of successful Amazon selling moderators.”

This is a popular Jim Cockrum course and according to him, the information available through the Proven Amazon Course is relevant to and can be applied by students/potential Amazon sellers living in any place in the world.

This is important for two major reasons:

  • First: Amazon is not available in every country in the world. It currently maintains separate retail websites for the United States, Canada, Australia, China, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, India, Mexico, and Brazil. However, the Proven Amazon Course teaches entrepreneurs how to sell on Amazon even if they do not currently live in an Amazon-available country. (This point is illustrated on the Proven Amazon Course registration page by a testimonial from a former student who started his Amazon business from Jamaica.)
  • Secondly, rules and regulations vary across the globe with regard to the import, export, and sale of goods via the Internet. The Proven Amazon Course addresses these issues as well.

The course focuses on Amazon selling to the exclusion of other types of Internet selling (i.e. selling from a dedicated website, or selling on forums such as eBay or Etsy).

This is not to say that some of the information, concepts, and strategies cannot be applied to other types of selling. It is merely to stress the point that this course is only Amazon-specific.

That being said, the Proven Amazon Course was created in response to founder Jim Cockrum’s own success at selling on Amazon. It is also because, according to the PAC description, “If you aren’t including as part of your online business strategy then you are missing out on the majority of online shopping activity that is happening online.

Online sales have grown every year, and even more-so during the Coronavirus pandemic, where Amazon sales skyrocketed 24% adding to many amazon sellers’ revenue including the owner Jeff Bezos, whose wealth increased $24 billion (yes with a B) within just three months.

In this Proven Amazon Course Review, we’ll cover what you get:

The entire course is accessed online and is available immediately upon paying. The user interface is easy to understand and follow. Assuming that you are brand new to the idea of selling products on Amazon, you will start at “Start Here,” where you’ll get an overview of what Amazon selling entails.

There are a number of sub-sections under the “Start Here” tab, designed to be worked through in order. Once that section has been completed, students can progress to the next section, entitled “Next Steps” and its various sub-sections. Upon completion of these two sections, students can move on to the “Advanced Steps” section.

You can pick and choose from this section which sub-topics you want to explore or do them all. They do not necessarily have to be done in the order in which they appear in this section, but we do recommend doing each one as they all contain quality information that will improve your chances of Amazon-selling success.

The course also contains several other sections, including “Resources,” “Sourcing,” “International FBA” and lots of bonus content.

All of these sections are continually being updated and new components are frequently added. This is an important thing to take note of because Amazon has made a number of changes throughout the years regarding opportunities for sellers and buyers and will undoubtedly continue to do so going forward.

Amazon also makes periodic algorithm changes, affecting things like how sellers rank for certain keywords, etc. Again, such changes will continue to be made in the future. All of these changes affect sellers and how they do business, and Cockrum’s company is very aware of this and has committed to keeping students (present and former) apprised of those changes.

Every update made and all new content added is made available to former students at no extra charge so you never have to worry about information being outdated or irrelevant.

Beyond content, the Proven Amazon Course also offers the expertise of approximately 30 paid moderators, comprised largely of former students who have become successful Amazon sellers themselves.

The Proven Amazon Course bills itself as a “community,” and students past and present are able to access the expertise and experience of these moderators to enhance their own learning and business-building experience.

There is a substantial amount of bonus content available with the Proven Amazon Course, much of which has been added just recently. Each is like its own mini-course, and all of the topics covered are highly relevant to Amazon and to online selling in general.

All-new bonus content created is made available to former students at no extra cost. (“Pay once and never again” is one of PAC’s mantras.) Below you will find several screenshots from the Proven Amazon Course website showing you some of the extras available to members at the time of this writing.


proven amazon course

The Proven Performance Inventory shows you how to find hundreds of low competition niches on Amazon.

Proven Amazon Course Review

This guide shows you how to get reimbursements from FBA from refunds that may have fallen through the cracks. It says it shows you 10 different methods to get reimbursements. These are valuable things for Amazon sellers to know.

Proven Amazon Course ebay to amazon

This guide teaches you to find and source products at incredible bargains so you can then sell them on Amazon.

Proven Amazon Course proven book sourcing

The Proven Book Sourcing guide will help you to find books that you can then turn around and sell on Amazon. It also teaches you the steps to make this happen.

proven amazon course proven private label

This is a step by step guide teaching you to sell private label products on Amazon or on any other eCommerce platform. Private label can be very lucrative so this is great information to learn for anyone whether you’re a beginning seller or a seasoned veteran.

proven amazon course proven team building

This part of the course will teach you step by step how to build a team so you can sell more products and have more time to do it. It teaches you how to build a team that will then give you more time to run the more important parts of your business.

proven amazon course proven product partnering

The Proven Product Partnering section of the course will teach you how to strategies to grow your business while at the same time eliminating the risk associated with selling on Amazon.

proven amazon course proven bundling course

The Proven Bundling Course teaches how to create smart bundles that are hard for competitors to replicate. This can help you to compete with lower-priced sellers.

proven amazon course wholesale source conferencing

The Wholesale Sourcing Conference is recorded videos prior to the Vegas ASD that will teach you how to properly source products from China and around the world. The sales page says that those that attended this conference paid over $1,300 and now it is given to you as part of the Proven Amazon Course.

proven amazon course coffee master class

This part of the course will teach you how to start and build your own coffee brand on Amazon. The sales page also says that what you learn can be applied to other products as well.

proven amazon course online sourcing strategies

Three of the top experts on sourcing profitable products that can be sold on Amazon and eBay cover 7 hours of training strategies for online sourcing.

proven amazon course proven wholesales sourcing

Learn to find and maintain wholesale accounts. Basically, this teaches you to add a whole new way of selling products to wholesale distributors.

proven amazon course poduct sourcing mater class

Learn over 30 strategies to help you make high profits. This is taught by two very experienced sellers on Amazon and eBay – Dave Espino and Jim Cockrum.

Also, the creators of the Proven Amazon Course also have a stand-alone course called Amazon Selling 101. While their full course offers more, if you’re on a tight budget but still want to learn how to get started, this would be a great place to start. You can access Amazon Selling 101 here.

They also have a new course Proven Amazon PPC Course and its focus is on pay-per-click ads on Amazon, and how to use them to validate private label products and boost sales.


We wanted to point out there were some critical reviews of the Proven Amazon Course some years ago. Some former students complained that the customer service after the purchase was not great.

Over the past 2 years, that seems to have changed and they have gotten better as they also have moderators now. Critical reviews are older, and many of the technical issues previously encountered have since been addressed by Jim Cockrum’s company.


There are a number of things that we particularly like about Jim Cockrums’ coaching and the Proven Amazon Course. They may have already jumped out at you, but we’ll recap.

For one thing, we are impressed with the fact that this course is universally applicable. That is, no matter where in the world you live, even if there is no dedicated Amazon retailer in your particular country, you can still take this course and learn how to sell on Amazon sites in other countries.

The Jim Cockrum course even points out in a short video clip on the Proven Amazon Course page that the United States is still Amazon’s strongest market and offers a bevy of opportunities for sellers from other countries to sell their products on

We also appreciate the fact that the Proven Amazon Course is so committed to keeping up-to-date with the latest information, particularly as it affects selling practices on Amazon. It would be very frustrating to pay for a course that teaches you how to sell on Amazon today, only to have that information become irrelevant in subsequent years.

Not only that, but the marketplace in general also changes constantly: wholesalers come and grow, new products emerge and old ones disappear, prices fluctuate, and new studies emerge that change what “best practice” looks like.

The Proven Amazon Course has a staff that keeps up with the market, with technology, and with Amazon’s changes, and all of that information can be accessed by former students at no extra charge.

This course is designed with the beginner in mind and they make it practical for you to succeed in your online selling journey.

How much does the Proven Amazon Course cost?

Perhaps the most significant “pro” when it comes to the Proven Amazon Course in our opinion, is the price.  They have simplified the payment terms. At $29/month it is one of the least expensive (if not the cheapest) courses available on the subject of Amazon selling.

We have studied a variety of different courses on or related to Amazon selling, and a significant number of them cost thousands. Of course, other courses contain different content, philosophies, and information, so in a way, it’s like comparing apples to oranges.

However, if it is strictly Amazon-selling that you are interested in (as opposed to setting up your own dedicated online eCommerce store or selling on other forums) the Proven Amazon Course really does contain all that you need to know, plus other pertinent information related to Amazon-selling (taxation issues, shipping options, where and how to source products, etc.).

Much of the information about getting started selling on Amazon can be found for free on the internet (including on the Amazon sellers services page), however, this course breaks it all down in a way that is logical and understandable for the average person.

Plus, when you consider all of the content that comes with the Proven Amazon Course, you will have a hard time finding better value elsewhere, like names of legitimate and trustworthy wholesalers, and selling tips from experts who have gone before you, we believe that the Proven Amazon Course is well worth the $29/month price tag.

Not only that, but much of the information that you find will be useful to you if you do decide to go on to build your own dedicated online store or try selling on other online platforms.

They also have a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee on the course.


After joining the program ourselves, we believe this is a great course to get you selling on Amazon. It is well-priced and offers more value than other Amazon courses we have reviewed. The Proven Amazon Course creators seem more focused on enabling others to sell online with high-value content, unlike some of the high-priced alternatives.

This company also has an “A+” rating with the Better Business Bureau as of April 15th, 2020.



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