scott lindsayHello and welcome to VETTED OPPS. My name is Scott Lindsay and I’m the founder of VETTED OPPS.

How did I come up with the idea of VETTED OPPS? Why did I name the site with this odd name? Let’s take a brief look at the history of VETTED OPPS and why it has become the go to source for those looking for unbiased information on business opportunities.


Since 1998 I have been creating and growing online businesses. This has been extremely lucrative to me and has afforded me the opportunity to have the freedom that many people only dream of. For the last 17 years I have been able to wake up when I want, go to sleep when I want, take a trip any time I feel like it, and best of all, I NEVER HAVE TO GET STUCK IN RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC!

Over the last several years, I sold several of my online businesses. Even though this left me in a position where I really did not need to start other ventures, my personality is such that I love building and growing businesses. At this time however, I had no ideas on which direction to go. I was emailed by some well known internet gurus about a course they were launching. The price was pretty steep at over $2,500. Since the price was higher than others I had seen, I began to try and do some research on their program. Unfortunately, trying to find honest reviews of their scott lindsaycourse was nearly impossible. Everyone that was reviewing the course was an affiliate trying to make money from my purchase so there was no way I could truly trust their opinion. This happened several times with other ventures as well. Each time I tried to find good information on a particular opportunity, it always seemed that the info I found was from affiliates marketing the program. This left me very frustrated. However, I saw a huge need for good, honest, unbiased information on money making and business opportunities. That’s when I decided to start VETTED OPPS.

Every review you see here on VETTED OPPS is unbiased. We vet each opportunity we review very thoroughly which means you can be assured you are getting honest reliable feedback.


The name VETTED OPPS was chosen because I wanted everyone that visited this website to know that every review posted has been thoroughly researched.

VETTED: make a careful and critical examination of (something).
OPPS: a business or money making opportunity.

Hence the name VETTED OPPS.


All business reviews you see on the site are totally unbiased. This means you can trust our recommendations.

For the opportunities we believe are the very best, we may participate in that particular opportunity’s affiliate program. This means we may make a commission for referring you.

While we would certainly like you to ultimately sign up for one of these programs, we have no bias towards which opportunity you choose or if you choose none. Our main goal is to provide you, our reader, the very best unbiased home based business reviews.

I hope that this site will help each of you find the perfect opportunity to make your dreams come true. Please take a moment to contact us to let us know how you progress with the venture you choose to pursue.

All the best…

scott lindsay